Parco del Monte Netto a Capriano

The park consists of Monte Netto that occupies it for about 2/3: a hilly area whose maximum height is about 130 meters.

From a naturalistic and ecological point of view, the local element of greatest interest is certainly determined by the wood of Capriano del Colle where it is possible to walk on foot or by bicycle, admiring some fascinating landscape, before refreshing in one or another trattoria in front of a hot dish and a glass of wine.

In the quarries area, there are ponds that allow the growth of vegetation of a certain naturalistic interest.

The autumn period is particularly suitable for an excursion and allows you to admire the changing colours that the foliage assumes in this season: the different colours ranging from orange, to copper, to dark red, giving glimpses of rare beauty

The path:

From the parish church of Pievedizio di Mairano take the long straight that leads to Azzano Mella. Continue towards Capriano del Colle and, once you reach the town, turn right towards Bagnolo Mella, starting along a number of fine vineyards.

Beyond Cascina Uccellanda you cycle along a tree-lined avenue to a junction where you turn right along another straight. This is the highest portion of Monte Netto, where also the itinerary of the provincial cycle path of the Bassa Bresciana passes. After the Cascina Torrazza, you enter the territory of Poncarale. And, after the Cascina Stelle and the next straight stretch, turn right at the end of the descent. The ring closes after the Cascine San Bernardo and San Bernardino, at the intersection where, turning left, you go back to the houses of Capriano.

Padernello Castle

Once upon a time, in a far away country, there was a magnificent castle … It is the Padernello Castle in the lower part of Brescia. A fifteenth-century manor, with a still functioning drawbridge, which emerges majestically from the water of its moat. A mysterious legend hovers around the rooms of the Castle: it is the story of the White Lady, a ghost who returns every ten years on the night of 20 July following the magic of fireflies.

Padernello is a small village in Brescia countryside, where time seems to have stopped. Here stands the Castle that for centuries dominates the surrounding territory.

It was the year 1391 in the lower lower part of the Bassa Bresciana. We are in Padernello in the ancient gabianesei lands, now Borgo San Giacomo. After the first fortifications, the manor, which belonged to the noble family of the Martinengo branch of the Counts of Padernello or of the Fabbrica until 1834, was completed. In the eighteenth century, according to the fashion of the time, it was transformed into a manor house and took the form we admire today, since 1861 of the family Salvadego Molin Ugoni, In 1965 the Castle of Padernello was abandoned by its last inhabitant, Count Filippo Molin Ugoni Salvadego. The castle was covered in brambles, exposed to looting and human negligence, although in 1912 it had been defined as of high architectural merit and of national interest by the Ministry of public education.

Everyone forgot about the Castle, with the exception of a handful of visionaries – the Friends of the Castle – who in the eighties restored the old posteria – grocery store, now an inn – the Aquila Rossa, imperial symbol of the Martinengo, with the intent to save the manor and enhance the village of Padernello. In 2002 a big snowfall brought down a part of the manor, the old kitchens. Popular wisdom says that not all evil comes to harm, and perhaps nature wanted to awaken the collective consciousness. And so it was that since then, thanks to the passion and good will of women and men, with a daring public-private operation, the thread has been taken to rekindle the history of a territory.

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